Single Cup Coffee Machines in New Jersey and New York

Keurig B150
(Automatic or Pour-Over)

Keurig B3000/B3000SE

10 3/8″ W x 14″ D x 13 7/8″ H
12″ W x 18″ D x 17.375″ H

The B150 Office Brewing
System has interactive
touchscreen controls and
offers 5 brew sizes of 4 oz,
6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz and
12 oz. The B150 has a 90 oz
cold water tank, pour over
and plumbed capability,
includes Quiet Brew™
Technology and is UL rated
for both Household and
Commercial use.

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This state of the art
full-featured system is
perfect for today’s fast
paced medium to large
sized office.This machine
is compact and portable and
can be used almost anywhere
in your office. Once the
K-Cup has been inserted
and your beverage has been
brewed, it dispenses into
a trash bin located inside
of the machine

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Tassimo T300 Professional

Tassimo Professional T65

23.5”H x 11.25”W x 22”D
18″H x 9.25″W x 20″D

The Tassimo T300
Professional is an intelligent
“One Cup At A Time” brewing
system that features scanable
T-discs that are NOT compatible
with home systems preventing
product loss. Each T-Disc
is designed to bring out
the optimal flavors, using
the right amount of coffee,
tea, milk or chocolate
for your specific drink.

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The Tassimo Professional
T65 Pour-Over “One Cup At
A Time”coffee machine is an
intelligent brewing system
that helps you make smart
use of limited space. It
features scannable T-Discs
that are not compatible with
home systems preventing product

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Newco POD Machine(Automatic)

Grindmaster O-POD
(Automatic or Pour Unit)

25”H x 11.25”W x 22”D
19″ H x 8 1/4″ W x 16″ D

When it comes to
coffee, everyone’s taste
preferences is unique. One
may enjoy a strong, bold
cup of coffee while another
prefers a bright, mild cup.
No matter the coffee preference,
Fresh Cup always brews it to
perfection and allows each cup
to be specially brewed to three
personal strengths: mild,
medium or bold.

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The Avalon Total 1
(Countertop or Freestanding)

Lavazza Blue Colibri

44”H x 18.5”W x 25”D
74”H x 24”W x 25”D
30”H x 16”W x 21.25”D
67.5”H x 16”W x 21.25”D

The Total 1 “One Cup
At A Time” coffee machine
is the most complete
coffee kiosk guaranteeing
freshly brewed coffee 24/7
making it ideal for the most
demanding offices. The Total
1 has 3 whole bean hoppers,
3 soluble canisters, an
interactive screen and an
optional built in receipt

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The Lavazza Blue Colibri
“One Cup At A Time” Espresso
Machine is compact in size
and is designed to be easy
to use, with minimal
preparation or clean-up.

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Colibri LX12
(Countertop or Freestanding)

Brio 3
(Countertop or Freestanding)

36”H x 16”W x 21.25”D
67.5”H x 16”W x 21.25”D
44”H x 21.5”W x 23”D
77”H x 21.5”W x 23”D

Nothing says convenience
like the Colibri. It offers
compact size, versatility,
ease of use, and of course
great taste. Provide your
employees and customers
with a customized coffee
refreshment service.

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Nothing says convenience
like the Brio 250+.It offers
compact size, versatility,
and of course great taste.
This machine provides a
full selection of coffee
and other gourmet beverages
such as a creamy cappuccino
and decadent café mocha. This
gourmet machine comes equipped
with an automatic rinse cycle,
which makes cleaning
and maintaining simple.

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The Starbucks Interactive
Cup® Brewer

The Avalon Total Lite

42″ H X 17.5 W X 23.5″ D
39.75”H x 11.5”W x 25”D
69.75”H x 24”W x 25”D

An attractive and
easy to use machine
that delivers premium
Starbucks® coffee whenever
you want it. Simply press
the button and the Starbucks
Interactive Cup® Brewer
grinds roasted coffee beans
and produces a perfect cup of
coffee brewed to
Starbucks standards.

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Total Lite’s advanced
Whole Bean Coffee brewing
technology provides
convenient, affordable and
flexible solutions to meet
the needs of today’s
increasingly savvy coffee

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BunnAutoPod New-York-New-Jersey-lavazza-blue-Digital-iCup-office

Bun Auto POD Machine

Lavazza Blue 2312/2314

15.8″H x 9.7″W x 15.2″D
15.4”H x 12.9”W x 18.6”D

The Bunn Auto POD machine
is the ultimate single-serve
pod brewing system and
is designed to meet today’s
demand for the perfect cup
of coffee or tea.This
commercial grade system
brews perfect beverages
with ease, consistency and
reliability. All PODS
and wrappers are biodegradable
making it your best single
serve solution.

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This small, sleek, efficient
machine prepares authentic
Italian espressos, cappuccinos,
lattes and much more.

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Starbucks Digital Icup

42”H x 16”W x 22.5”D
68.5”H x 18.5”W x 22.5”D

The Starbucks Interactive
Cup Digital Brewer allow
you to offer up to three
different kinds of coffee
at once through a digital
touch screen. It’s a slee
new way to ensure everyone
is getting an exciting and
rewarding coffee experience.

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