Avalon Total Lite Single Cup Coffee Machine

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Single-Cup-Avalon-Total-Lite-111x300 Avalon Total Lite Single Cup Coffee Machine


Avalon Total Lite Bean-Grinded Coffee Machine
(Countertop or Freestanding)

Avalon Total Lite’s advanced Whole Bean Coffee brewing technology provides convenient, affordable and flexible solutions to meet the needs of today’s increasingly savvy coffee drinkers.

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An Environmentally Friendly and sustainable brewer

  • Both whole bean and ground coffee create less waste
  • Does not use plastic discs that clog our landfills
  • Coffee grounds can be used as compost
  • Designed to have a long life and to be refurbished
  • Petroleum Free
  • No excess packaging


Model The Avalon Total Lite Single Cup Bean-Grinded Coffee Machine
Dimensions Machine Dimensions:

  • Countertop: 39.75″H x 11.5″W x 23″D
  • Freestanding: 69.75″H x 16″W x 25″D
  • Coin Mechanism
  • Bill Acceptor
  • Condiment Rack
  • Cup Dispenser
Water Supply Plumbed into main water supply or Flojet gravity fed water pump connected to a 5 gallon bottle of water.
  • 3 cups size selections
  • 3 brew strenghts available
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Sleek and compact for minimum space requirements.
  • A 7′ touch screen to make your coffee selections.
  • Plumbed & filtered waterline allows for continuous service without refilling a water tank.
  • Delivers incomparable freshness 24/7
Coffee Selections
  • 3 Coffee Bean Selections
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Mochaccino
  • 50/50 Half Caf
  • Long Espresso
  • Vanilla Coffee
  • Vanilla Mocha
  • Vanilla Mocha Coffee
  • Hot Water