Tassimo T300 Professional Single Cup Coffee Machine

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Resized-Single-Cup-Tassimo-T300-300x252 Tassimo T300 Professional Single Cup Coffee MachineTassimo T300 Professional
Coffee Machine
(Automatic or Pour-Over)

The Tassimo T300 Professional is an intelligent single cup brewing system that features scannable T-discs that are NOT compatible with home systems preventing product loss. Each T-Disc is designed to bring out the optimal flavors, using the right amount of coffee, tea, milk or chocolate for your specific drink.

quote2 Tassimo T300 Professional Single Cup Coffee Machine



Model Tassimo T300 Professional Single Cup Coffee Machine

  • Machine Dimensions: 16.5″H x 8″W x 20″D
  • Machine Dimensions w/ Riser: 23″H x 11.5″W x 24″D


  • Machine Dimensions: 24″H x 9″W x 24″D
  • Machine Dimensions w/ Riser: 31″H x 11.5″W x 24″D


Weight 34 LBS
Water Supply Plumbed into main water supply, Flojet gravity fed water pump connected to 5 gallon bottle of water or can fill the machine manually.
Options Riser which allows you to double the amount of internal waste
12 Selection Spring Loaded Product Rack
  • Scannable T-Discs which contain a precise amount of premium ground coffee, tea or chocolate as well as brewing instructions for the machine. Tassimo Professional T-Discs area not compatible with home TASSIMO Systems, preventing cross-channel issues.
  • Bar code reader guarantees a custom brew by controlling water temperature, volume, flow rate and time to prepare a perfect cup
  • Streamlined design requires less space than competing systems and pleases the eye with stylish curves.
  • LCD display is user-friendly and provides simple, easy-to-follow instructions on everything from brewing a perfect drink to managing a cleaning cycle.
  • Touch-sensitive start button simplifies the brewing process through one-touch activation.
  • Espresso can be brewed on-demand, using technology not found in competing office-coffee systems.
  • Milk-based beverages such as lattes and cappuccinos are brewed using real liquid milk.
  • Uses steam to automatically purge brewing components after every drink.
  • Flash heating delivers coffee in about one minute and specialty beverages in less than two minutes.
  • Internal waste bin stows away ejected T-Discs without a mess.
  • Modular assembly allows easy maintenance access.
Coffee & Tea Selections Offers an upscale variety of well-known brands such as Gevalia, Twinings and Suchard beverages:

  • Signature Blend
  • Colombian
  • Breakfast Blend
  • Dark Roast
  • Espresso
  • English Breakfast Tea
  • Decaf Signature Blend
  • Decaf Espresso
  • French Vanilla
  • Hazelnut
  • Hot Chocolate Syrup
  • Cappuccino Milk Creamer
  • Latte Milk Creamer
  • Skinny Cappuccino
  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Chai Tea
  • Chai Latte
  • Carte Noire