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Office Coffee Services & Vending Machines: 3 Surprising Benefits

If you’re an office manager or business owner, then you already know that many of your employees look forward to their morning coffee or afternoon snacks.  But did you know that having coffee and vending machines in the office can do more than just give your workers a quick pick-me-up?
Here are three surprising benefits to office coffee & vending services – for you, and your staff!


  • Increased Brainpower – Employees who consume caffeine in the morning hours have more energy and can focus on their tasks throughout the day better than they would without a caffeine boost.  Plus, the antioxidants found in coffee and some snacks can boost cognitive function, helping to increase memory and alertness.  When employees get a boost in brainpower, the result is a happier, more creative, and more efficient workforce!
  • Increased Productivity – Having coffee and snacks available in the office means that employees don’t have to step out to a local convenience store or coffee shop during break times. This allows them to take several shorter breaks throughout the day.  Taking multiple, brief breaks can help employees feel refreshed and rejuvenated, giving them the ability to get more done than they would if they left the office for a longer break only once per day.
  • Increased Motivation – In the afternoon, the body can experience a drop in blood sugar and a lack of energy that zaps employees of their motivation to accomplish important tasks.  By making snacks readily available, especially the high-protein, nutritious snacks offered in healthy vending machines, you can help your staff to keep their blood sugar steady and give them the motivation they need to work productively throughout the later business hours.

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