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Spotlight On: Keurig Coffee Brewers

One of the biggest names in “One-Cup-At-A-Time” coffee is Keurig. Keurig’s K-Cup system is a pioneer of single-cup brewing systems and has continued to be the market leader in single-cup beverage brewers. We offer two great Keurig brewers for your mid-sized to large business: the B150 and the B3000 SE.

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The B150 office brewing system features interactive touchscreen controls and brews in 5 separate sizes, 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz and 1 oz. Water is supplied through either a plumbed main water supply, a 5 gallon bottle, or a manual fill on a cup-to-cup basis. It also features Quiet Brew™ Technology, brewing at a much quieter level than traditional K-Cup machines.

The Keurig B3000 SE is the perfect brewing system for medium to large size offices. Although compact and portable, it boasts several features not found in any other one-cup machines. One of these great features is the integrated trash bin. After your beverage has been brewed, the machine automatically disposes of the empty K-Cup into the trash bin, eliminating the need for cleanup! Keurigs have no filters to change, no pots to clean, just a freshly brewed hot beverage with just a push of a button. For more information about using these Keurig Brewers in your office, please contact American Vending & Coffee Service at 1-800-540-4657.