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Your Office Coffee Service: Three Tips For Going Green

When it comes to office coffee service in New York and New Jersey, American Vending & Coffee Service is known for more than just our great service and vast product selection. We’re also known for our commitment to environmental sustainability.


Here are three tips for going green on your next coffee break:


1. Use Coffee Grounds For Compost

Place an empty coffee can or other receptacle by your office coffee machine to collect used grounds. Instead of throwing the old grounds out, add them to your compost pile so they can be used for fertilizer, whether at home or at the office.


2. Switch To Eco-Friendly Cups

Consider providing employees with custom office coffee mugs adorned with your logos and colors. Or, choose paper cups, which are a more environmentally sound option than Styrofoam.


3. Choose Fair Trade Coffee

Purchase fair trade coffee for the office. This helps to support environmentally sustainable practices that reduce the use of harmful toxins, pesticides and chemical additives.


For answers to all your office coffee questions, please contact American Vending & Coffee Service at 1-800-540-4657.